A Letter To Business Owners

If You Are Tired Of
Paying The IRS Ridiculous Tax Bills,
This Will Be The Most Important
Message You Will Ever Read!

From the Desk of Steph Wynne
Los Angeles, CA 90034
Saturday, 10:05pm
June, 2019

Dear Business Owner,

I have no idea how you got to this website.

Maybe you found it by a google search or maybe you saw a review on yelp.com. Maybe a friend referred you. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by pure luck.

You are here because you are sick and tired of paying more and more taxes each year! You are here because you do your own bookkeeping and it's not working or maybe your current bookkeeper is a flake. However you got here, you have arrived at what is, without question, in my opinion one of the most valuable bookkeeping and tax website on the entire Internet!

Here’s why: As a Business Owner, you wear many hats and have numerous headaches from your vendors, employees and customers. You want to scream, but it's up to you to keep a cool head and your company afloat. Keeping your books accurate, organized and up-to-date can be a daunting process for a growing business, however having a good bookkeeping system will keep the IRS out of your hair and your tax payments not one penny more than necessary.

Introducing Flat Rate Bookkeeping
And Taxes “FRB”

Your bookkeeping and taxes are important because you don't want to pay the IRS not a penny more than what's due! FRB is here to do the job so you can focus on making money for your company. The fact is FRB has been in business 15 years with clients from various industries in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas saving them thousand of dollars!

How Would You Like To Keep
The IRS Out Of Your Pocket?

The only way to keep the tax man out of your life is to have accurate books which will affect your taxes. FRB will make sure all your income and expenses are reconciled so that your taxes are filed correct and on time. FRB offers PROJECT based bookkeeping and tax services for a flat rate. The rates are always fair and reasonable.

At Last You Can Get
the IRS Off Your Back!

You want to work with a competent and flexible bookkeeping and tax service that has common sense right? Well, FRB offers consistent, reliable and amazing service along with a willingness to go the extra mile. Your bookkeeping and tax projects are at the top of our list and can be customized for your business.

No More Aggravation Or
Flakey Bookkeepers

Envision your books accurate and up-to-date. That's what project bookkeeping provides. No need for an inconsistent bookkeeper or expensive accountant. Your bookkeeping projects can be done now, monthly, quarterly or annually based. No employee wages or workers compensation paid. Keep those dollars in your pocket!

FRB Has Everything You need
From Start to Finish

FRB specializes in Quickbooks Pro, Enterprise and Premiere, MAC or PC along with all the online editions. Some of our project based services include: Paying your bills, invoicing your customers, paying your sales taxes, processing ADP, Paychex or Patriot payroll, reconciling your bank and credit card accounts, Quickbooks training and professional financial reports.

Business tax preparation includes: Office of Fiance, CDTFA taxes (formerly BOE), S. Corp, C. Corp, LLC, LLP and Sole Proprietors.

Your Business Confidentiality And Security
Is 100% Our Top Concern!

At this time FRB can only work with serious business owners who have stand alone projects. Meaning if you need to quickly get your bookkeeping and taxes up-to-date because the IRS put a levy on your bank account or maybe your bookkeeper quit unexpectedly or any other issue. FRB charges a flat rate to get the job done. FRB cannot assist you with day to day bookkeeping services.

When you're ready to call it a truce with the tax man or get your bookkeeping caught up, give me a call. My name is Steph Wynne and you can call me Monday thru Friday from 9am - 6pm. My direct line is (424) 245-8070 to schedule an appointment or for a free consultation.

If my line is busy or your call goes to voicemail it's only because I'm busy working! So please leave your name, cell # and a brief message and I will call you right back! Or send me an email I get to those faster.

Get your bookkeeping and taxes caught up and you'll discover how to save money and pay the IRS as little as possible!


Steph Wynne,
The Hardest Working Bookkeeper
and Tax Pro in America


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to receive a 15% discount on your tax service.
New customers only.

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